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Talent Solutions

As Industry 4.0 and the growing talent shortage increase the complexity of human capital requirements, organizations need to rethink their HR strategies, to be able to meet their goals.

The solution to the entire life cycle of an employee

We are here to help companies change the way they attract, manage and develop their talents. With the flexibility and ability to attract talents, together with the professional knowledge of career management, we can offer a global, integrated data-driven solution for the whole recruitment process. From attracting and gaining the talents to their professional development and its retention.


Shared Information Center

In a fast-evolving market, TAPFIN offers a full range of solutions to improve the management of the resources, quality, costs, and risks associated with your potential workforce. Thanks to unsurpassed expertise and innovative technologies, we work as partners to optimize overall talent management to achieve measurable results now and in the future.


  • Contingent Workforce Management – The global team of professionals is qualified to manage all the necessary workforce, improve processes, increase efficiency and achieve cost savings.
  • Statement of Work Management – Gain a complete overview and expertise of your entire contingent workforce.
  • Alternative Workforce Solutions Management – Engage new talents outside traditional employment channels and increase your economic involvement.

Right Management

We help organizations to attract, develop and keep top talents in a fast-transforming environment.

Right Management, that is more than 40 years of experience in the talent life cycle. Our knowledge and technology-based solutions are designed to meet your needs and match the company culture. We accelerate workforce capabilities to ensure that your business is ready to meet the demands of a strategic global workforce.


  • Career Transition Management – Right Management has already helped more than 3,5 million people with their new carrier and to get a new opportunity. At the same time, it has helped organizations maintain productivity and reduce risk through transformation.
  • Workforce Career Management – To ensure that talent has the skills for current and future business needs, organizations have to develop their culture, skills, processes and technologies to create agility within the workforce.
  • Leadership SolutionsLeaders determine the culture of organization and influence everything, from employee retention to their productivity. In a fast-changing world, the identification and development of leaders are more critical than ever.


Get the best talents, maximize productivity and increase profitability despite changes in the market.

Innovation and technology increase perfomance

For the seventh year in a row, we have been recognized by analysts in the field as the world’s largest, but also Slovak provider of RPO services. We use data, cutting-edge technologies, and a committed approach to find talents and arouse their interest. We help organizations improve their performance.


  • Recruitment process – We gain talents throughout the candidate´s whole life-cycle. To provide the best solutions, we combine our professional knowledge, innovative technologies, and complex recruitment strategies tailored to client´s needs. 
  • Searching and screening of the candidates – our data and top recruitment methodology enables us to indentify and attract top talents with suitbale knowledge. Moreover, the candidates have an excellent experience with us.
  • Recruitment projects – We provide a variable solution for your changing needs. We are flexible in recruitment and fill short-term, seasonal, permanent, and specialized jobs.
  • On-site recruiter – Do you need more suitable candidates? Or do you need to reduce recruitment costs? Our experienced recruiters can be allocated directly to you as long as you need them.

HR consulting and analytics

There is a constant high shortage of talents all over the world, which affects work productivity. The key to success is to align business strategy with the talent management strategy, increase corporate agility and improve the candidates´ experience.

Companies that want to change are looking for an independent partner to manage their recruitment and development strategy. Talent Solutions helps companies to start a business and achieve business goals. From the implementation of innovations to arranging contacts with talented and capable employees.

In our work, we use external data of the market opportunities, threats, and competition. Together with our sources and data, we create analyzes, actionable and effective recommendations that minimize the risk and speed up decision-making in business, HR, and talent management. Thanks to extensive HR analytics, companies have the opportunity to focus on their progress and increase their values.


  • Strategic planning – For recruitment, talent acquisition, and HR strategic planning, we use data of future needs and requirements in the job market to ensure that your talent management strategy fits your business strategy.
  • Optimization of talents – Thanks to the evaluation of your talent management system, we will find out whether your company uses the right resources for recruiting talent at the optimal price. Our strategic approach is based on data and is realized by experts. 
  • Implementation services – With the help of temporary management service, we offer a solution based on data and expertise. The complex process will be streamlined using the best technologies and you will get the most out of your investment.
  • Upskilling/Talent retraining -63% of the jobs that Generation Z will work in once do not yet exist. We, therefore, offer a wide range of solutions: trainings, retrainings, and upskilling; from online trainings to top courses from various industries.
  • BI (Business Intelligence) data -Thanks to our unique combination of data sources, analytics, machine learning and trends traking , we provide transparent analytics and benchmarks beyond traditional reporting, which helps companies to effectively create HR strategies.
  • MI (Market Intelligence) data – In our work, our market research team combines a variety of analytical tools, official government information, third-party data and links them to our internal expertise and industry knowledge. We provide information on supply and demand, remuneration, market changes, demographic indicators, and more.

Talent Solutions Services

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