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How to dress for a job interview: 6 tips on how to make an impression

Our consultants conduct many interviews daily. Currently, a minimum of them is realized personally, as the communication moved to the online world. However, this will not…

Our consultants conduct many interviews daily. Currently, a minimum of them is realized personally, as the communication moved to the online world. However, this will not last forever, and we believe that our tips will help you manage interviews in the future.

1. The first impression is the key.

We all want to look great on a job interview and make a good first impression. Your clothes complete your overall look. There is a lot that HR specialists can identify based on your outfit. Whether you are focused on detail, whether you are conservative or prefer trends, whether you care about the way you look or prioritize other values. Choose your clothes properly. It is difficult to change the first impression.


2. When is the right time to decide what to wear and why?

Deal with your clothes as soon as possible. It is best to prepare your outfit in advance, so you have some time to iron it or sew the missing button. Make sure you try on the whole outfit to find out whether it looks good and you feel comfortable in it. You do not need to feel insecure because of the blouse that is too tight. It might affect you during the interview which would be a pity. Moreover, you will not have time to lose time trying outfits before leaving your house for the interview. You need to get there on time, even better in advance, without any uncertainty or stress.


3. What to wear – clothes

If you are not sure about the company dress code, go for the neutral look. This will never let you down. What does it mean?

Ladies will be fine with a pair of classic trousers, a skirt with a minimum length to the knees, a dress, and nontransparent blouses with a suitable neckline. You can combine these with a blazer or coat. In the summer months, ladies should not forget to wear stockings and should be aware that large necklines, short skirts, mini dresses, or shorts are no-go.

Gentlemen should choose classic long trousers (even in the summer). Shorts or Bermudas would be inappropriate. Combine classical suit trousers in darker shades with a lighter shirt. This combination looks more conservative and serious than the other one. A suit, coat, or trench coat is more appropriate than a sports jacket.

When it comes to colors, material, or cuts, try to avoid bright or neon colors, denim, manchester, and sports material. This is the same for both, men and women. Choose materials of higher quality in a neutral color scheme: the lower part in darker shades – grey, blue, black, brown and the upper part in lighter shades – white, beige, grey, light blue, Champagne. If you like patterns, make it simple and choose only one. Go for classic cuts and do not experiment.


4. What to wear – shoes and accessories

Choose classic, elegant, and closed-toe shoes. Ladies should bear in mind that less is more and go for mid-heeled shoes which make them comfortable. If you decide to wear trousers, choose casual moccasins or ballerinas.

For ladies, it also pays to keep minimalism when choosing accessories. It is better to leave striking earrings, brooches, bracelets, or necklaces at home. Do not overdo it with perfume as well. Wear natural make-up and do not forget to style your hair.


5. What is not allowed

Dirty or damaged clothes, shoes, or accessories. Wild „pajama“ look.


6. To feel comfortable is the key

With these tips, we have tried to provide you with a basic standard, the golden middle way of dressing for an interview, that is applicable regardless of the position and segment in which you are applying for a job. Of course, there are companies where candidates can come in jeans and t-shirt and where piercing or tattoo are perceived as an expression of creativity. However, there are not a lot of these. Therefore, we focused on general rules.

The most important thing is that your clothes should underline your personality, not overwhelm it, and also that you should feel comfortable in it. This will increase your self-confidence, and you will be able to focus on your knowledge, experience, and desire to work.


What about clothing and online interview?

You probably know the answer: yes, it is. The first impression is still important. Even though you communicate with the personalist from your home, you should change your clothes. You will be fine with a shirt, nontransparent blouse, or favorite dress in which you feel great. You do not have to wear a blazer in your living room. It might seem unnatural and you may not feel comfortable.