Skills Revolution 4.0 Humans Wanted: Robots Need You

ManpowerGroup´s up-to-date survey Skills Revolution 4.0 focuses on digitization and automation of organizations. Robot workers replacing human jobs is the subject of the decade´s debate. In reality, the opposite looks true. According to ManpowerGroup latest research, more employers than ever (87%) plan to increase or maintain their headcount as a result of automation. Rather than reducing employment opportunities, organizations are investing in digital, shifting tasks to robots and creating new jobs. At the same time, companies are scaling their upskilling so their human workforce can perform new and complementary roles to those done by machines. The Skills Revolution is in full flow. 19,000 employers in 44 countries were asked about:
  • The impact of automation on job growth in their organizations in the next two years
  • The functions they plan to increase headcount the most, and the types of skills they are looking for
  • The talent strategies they are implementing to ensure a future-fit workforce
The entire survey can be read here