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Published: 26 Oct 2021

Contract and Vendor Manager

Bratislavský kraj
Contract Manager
2000 eur / month

Job description

Contract Administration: ◾ Central Contract Tracker – set up new contract overview as per new contract term with the purpose to ◾ Regional Contracts Tracker – China, India, Russia ◾ Track timelines from a service level point of view ◾ Optimize/simplify/decrease number of contracts Contract Support: ◾ Support and facilitate contract negotiation ◾ Engage appropriate resources (legal, gsso, others) and project manage contractual activity up to agreement ◾ Identify and lead transformation initiatives Establish Relationship with Key Vendors: ◾ Identify key vendor within clients scope of activity ◾ Document vendor org and activity ◾ Establish relationship at executive level and transversal to activity Project Lead ◾ Establish Improvement plan at both operational and financial perspective ◾ Escalation management ◾ Identify new opportunity and potential transition plan

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Contact person: Mária Ivanovičová
Email: [email protected]

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