Logistics & Retail Trade Segment

New future of Logistics & Retail Trade


The logistics and retail segments have grown rapidly in the last decade and have undergone significant technological developments thanks to advancing digitization and automation. By providing HR solutions to our clients in these industries, we, at Manpower have improved our work practices and gained valuable knowledge and experience with recruitment tailored to the needs of each individual business partner. The changes caused by the pandemic situation temporarily disrupted the normal operation of logistics and retail, but due to the constant need for distribution of goods and services, both segments are gradually adapting to the circumstances and we expect restart and further dynamic development of these segments, using increasingly progressive technologies.

What is the most important thing in the current situation? Manpower´s answer is: stay flexible and active. We will support your ability to respond flexibly to market needs. Contact us and operationally strengthen your workforce at the time you need it and in the volume that your situation requires. It is entirely up to your decision whether you need a junior or an experienced professional, on permanent basis or for leasing. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of labour market requirements, we are ready to become your partner, whether you belong to SME segment or to a multinational corporation. By working with Manpower, you gain a competitive advantage that will move your business forward.