SSC Segment

A New Future of Shared Service Centers


In recent years, based on cooperation with our clients, we have had the opportunity to actively participate in development and growth of SSC (Shared Services Centers) sector in Slovakia, seeing how it becomes an important part of Slovak economy. From our previous experience, we know that SSCs are a frequent career starting point for many university or high schol graduates without preceding work experience, but with the advantage of good language skills. SSCs provide our candidates from Slovakia and abroad with a different, globalized corporate culture and well-paid work. Today, the SSC sector, like other economic sectors, faces new challenges to maintain its global competitiveness: the implementation of new technologies and forms of work to keep up low cost and efficiency is today´s alpha and omega. This cannot be achieved without qualified professionals, willing and eager to grow by constantly learning new skills.

Therefore, it is extremely important to pay attention to the attraction of suitable talents with necessary skills.

By cooperating with Manpower, you get an experienced partner who will move your business forward.