Frequently Asked Questions  

I want to apply for a job in cooperation with your company. What is the price for your service?
All the services to our candidates are always free of charge. The information about open jobs we offer you or our guidance supporting you to maximize your chances of getting a job will not cost you anything at all. Cooperation with us costs nothing, you can only benefit from it. 

The job position I applied for was filled and I received a negative reply. Do I have a chance to find another job with Manpower?
Yes, of course. If the job position is closed by hiring another candidate, our consultants keep searching for other suitable options for you. All you have to do is register in our database of candidates. Registration is free. The other suitable job offers depend on the current demands of our clients so it may take some time for us to contact you back. Therefore, we kindly ask for your patience. 

Not a single job position from your job offer suits me.
Yes, it is possible that you have not currently found a suitable job. Our job offer is changing and updating dynamically, many various jobs are added daily. It would be practical to register for free in the Manpower database of candidates. After the registration, your profile and CV will be available to our consultants, who will contact you, as soon as a job suitable for you appears in our job offer. 

What should I pay attention to when choosing a job offer?
Consider whether the place of work suits you. Ask yourself if you are able and willing to travel for work. 

Make sure that your education, skills and work experience meet the stated requirements for the job position you have chosen. If you do not meet the criteria, we recommend that you look for another role in our offer and/or register for free in the Manpower database of candidates. Our consultants will be happy to help you with the search and selection. 

Find out what type of employment contract you are interested in. Do you want to work full-time, part-time, contract or on projects? 

Does the job meet your salary expectations? The lower limit of the offered wage or the range in which the wage can fluctuate is usually stated in the job offers. The final amount of salary is assessed individually, it is usually the subject of an agreement between you and your potential employer, usually concluded in a personal job interview. 

Assess whether the employee benefits and offered by the company suit you. 

Familiarize yourself with the stated working conditions and think about whether they suit you. (e.g. work shifts, work on weekends, etc.) 

After registration, how fast will you contact me?
After submitting a response to a specific position or registering in our database of candidates, you will receive an automatic email response. Please be assured that our consultants will make every effort to provide you with feedback no later than 48 hours after receiving your request. Our goal is to find adequate work for each candidate. 

My educational background and previous work experience do not meet the requirements of the job position I am interested in. Is it worth trying to apply anyway?
We assess each candidate´s application individually. If you believe that you will be beneficial for a potential employer and are able to communicate your desire to learn, acquire new skills or upskill/reskill in the area of your interest convincingly, then no job position is unattainable. It is appropriate to describe the motives and reasons that led you to respond to the position briefly and concisely in the motivation letter, resp. in an accompanying email in which you send your CV to your potential employer.  

In which locations do you offer job positions?
Our job offer containts mainly jobs from all over Slovakia. Our company is a part of the global ManpowerGroup network, so we have the opportunity to find you a job abroad in cooperation with Manpower branches in other countries. 

Can you also provide me with work abroad?
We primarily offer jobs throughout Slovakia. But there are situations when the client requires to fill a job position abroad, e.g. in the Czech Republic or neighbouring Austria. In this case, we use the background of the global company ManpowerGroup providing you with direct contact to the Manpower branch in the given country. 

Does your offer also include seasonal work, temporary jobs, internships?
Yes, our offer includes all these types. When it comes to seasonal jobs and temporary jobs, these job opportunities are often tied to certain specific periods (eg Christmas, Valentine’s Day, the holiday season, Black Friday, etc.). Some segments need to be staffed by temporary workers regardless of the season throughout the year. e.g. retail operations, manufacturing companies, transport, logistics, or health care. We also provide professional internships for students and university graduates. It is a great way to gain practical experience in the field of human resources. 

Do you specialize in job offers for certain segments? What levels of vacancies do you offer?
In our job offer, we provide various levels of positions in a wide range of segments: from operators in the manufacturing and automotive industries, through specialists in logistics, administration, trade and crafts, to managers and CEOs for both Slovak and foreign companies. Each candidate will find a suitable job position corresponding to the level of his / her qualification. 

I would like to work / complete an internship in your company. How should I proceed?
We are always very pleased being contacted by people who are proactive with the vision and a dose of courage. Do not hesitate, please, send us your CV together with a brief introductory e-mail shortly explaining why you would like to complete an internship at ManpowerGroup Slovakia and what led you to the idea of starting your career in the field of HR. 

Let's say I started the job you helped me find. Will you deduct a kind of fee or charge from my salary for the placement?
Absolutely not. There is no “fee” or “deduction”. As already mentioned, candidates do not pay for our services. If you are our assigned employee and work for our client, your salary will be the same as that of regular employees, and you will also receive identical employee benefits. If you get permanent employment with our client, your salary is solely the result of an agreement between you and your employer.